NICU Patient Support Program


Hoag’s NICU aims to provide the most effective care as possible, regardless of a family’s circumstance. One way we do this is through our recently established, donor supported, NICU Patient Support Fund. Hoag’s exceptional team of social workers and nurse navigators are instrumental in connecting patients to the support services that are right for them. Patients who demonstrate a need are provided with critical resources to ensure all babies come home to an optimal healing environment.

Philanthropy has served as the catalyst for Hoag's NICU to incorporate new advances like telemedicine and better nutritional support. Philanthropic support will continue to provide critical resources for families as they transition from the NICU to home, ensuring peace of mind during a critical time. Sending babies home safely, comfortably and quickly as possible while reducing anxiety for worried parents is our top priority. Critical resources are often required for a safe and healthy transition from the NICU to home and many families often find themselves with a significant financial burden.

Generous community support inspired a lead gift from Tiffany and Austin Hill. Following an earlier than planned delivery, the Hills son Jake spent three weeks in Hoag's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Feeling incredibly thankful for the care their son received at Hoag, Tiffany and Austin made a gift to establish a NICU Patient Support Fund. Through their experience, the Hills learned how challenging the transition can be from the NICU to home, especially for parents who do not have the financial means to pay for the necessities that come with graduating from the NICU. This fund established the program NICU 2 Nursery and will support qualified NICU families facing financial burdens that need critical supplies and resources for their infants upon discharge from Hoag's NICU. The Hill's want to ensure that all babies, regardless of their circumstance, have the necessary resources to transition from NICU to home.

Please join the Hill family in supporting other families in our community by making a donation by clicking here.


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